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SOAX Starts Offering Datacenter Proxies

The service includes 300,000 rotating and dedicated IPs in the US.
Adam Dubois
soax datacenter proxy landing page

SOAX, the UK-registered vendor of proxies and web scraping tools, has strengthened its line-up with datacenter proxy servers.

According to SOAX, the product comprises 300,000 IPs in various US locations. It comes in two formats: shared proxy pool or dedicated IP list.

The advertised features include:

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • City-level targeting
  • SOCKS5 with UDP support
  • Username:password authentication
  • Automatic rotation & sticky sessions
  • API access

A subscription to the shared proxy pool starts from $49 per month:

 75 GB500 GB2,000 GB10,000 GB

Access to a dedicated IP list begins from $12.5:

 5 IPs100 IPs1,000 IPs5,000 IPs

Overall, SOAX’s pricing plans are broad, aim to scale, and rival – but don’t always beat – other premium providers.

It looks like it’s possible to get the shared proxy pool through self-service, while the dedicated IP list requires contacting sales. SOAX offers a paid 3-day trial with 100 MB of data.

With this latest addition, SOAX continues to close the gap with the market leaders Bright Data and Oxylabs. 2023 has been a strong year for the provider thus far, from releasing multiple new products to adopting an aggressive pricing strategy.

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