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Smartproxy Launches Pay-Per-IP Shared Datacenter Proxies

Starting from $0.1/IP address, the new service targets price-conscious customers.

Adam Dubois

Smartproxy, the provider of proxies and data collection tools, has launched pay-per-IP pricing plans for its shared datacenter proxies. They’re meant to be a flexible option for budget-conscious customers. 

Before, Smartproxy sold full access to its pool of datacenter proxies based on traffic use. From now on, you’ll also have the option to buy a specific number of shared IPs. The new plans start from 100 addresses for $10, which translates to just $0.1/IP. They can scale to 4,000 proxies at an increasing discount. 

smartproxy dc/ip plans

Though advertised as pay-per-IP, the plans also charge for traffic use. The base allowance is 50 GBs, with a paid option to increase or even remove the limit altogether. 

smartproxy dc/ip traffic

The IP-based proxies come from eight countries in four continents. You’re free to choose their distribution, as long as Smartproxy has enough addresses in stock. 

smartproxy dc/ip locations

Just like the traffic-based version, these proxies use the backconnect format: one entry address with different port numbers. Basically, you get a small pool of proxies instead of a regular proxy list.

There’s an option to rotate the IPs on every connection request. Or, you can bind an IP to a port for 30 minutes. I’m not quite sure what happens when the time runs out, and why you can’t simply keep an IP bound to a port indefinitely. But maybe that’s a technical limitation. 

Overall, the new plans follow Webshare’s dynamic pricing model, which has found success.  They will further strengthen Smartproxy’s line-up and make it even more accessible for entry-level clients.


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