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Smartproxy Adds Wallet Functionality, More Datacenter Locations, Free Trial

Spring brings a wealth of new features for the provider’s customers.

Adam Dubois
Smartproxy, an international proxy provider of proxy servers and data collection tools, has had an active spring with three updates to its service. Here’s a quick round-up of what’s new. 

Smart Wallet Lets Customers Keep Money on the Platform

The first update, Smart Wallet, introduced the wallet functionality to the service. In other words, Smartproxy now allows users to add and store funds on the dashboard.  

It’s a welcome quality-of-life improvement that simplifies billing and brings more flexibility. Smartproxy lists the following benefits:

  • More efficient money management when buying or topping-up services.
  • New payment methods that wouldn’t be possible otherwise, such as Apple Pay.
  • Fewer inconveniences linked to recurring transactions from bank accounts. 

Smart Wallet brings Smartproxy closer to competitors that have had the feature for a while. It also opens up interesting opportunities – such as the pay-as-you-go pricing model, should the company even opt for it. 

Shared Datacenter Proxies Can Now Target Europe

Smartproxy’s shared proxies give access to a pool of rotating datacenter addresses. They’re well suited for collecting data from unprotected websites. 

The company was and remains one of the few providers to offer proxies in such a format. However, unlike their residential counterpart, the shared datacenter proxies had received few updates since their inception. 

Today, Smartproxy has announced improvements to the service:

  • The proxy pool increased from 40,000 to 100,000 IPs.
  • It now includes IP addresses from Europe. 
  • Customers get more targeting options: US, EU, or random addresses from both locations.
  • The pricing remains unchanged.

The changes will increase the attractiveness of this value-oriented service. Our only concern is that there won’t be a way to target particular European countries, which may hurt its versatility. 

SERP Scraping API Gets a Free Trial

Smartproxy’s API for scraping Google and other search engines now can be experienced for free. The free trial includes 3,000 connection requests and lasts three days. 

Afterwards, the trial automatically subscribes to the cheapest plan unless you cancel it. So it looks like you’ll need to enter credit card details to proceed. 

SERP Scraping API recently rebranded from Search Engine Proxies. The further addition of a free trial shows that Smartproxy is starting to give the tool increasing attention. You can see how it compares with the alternatives in our report.

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