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Smartproxy Adds Shared ISP Proxies, Cuts Mobile Proxy Rates

With a quick one-two, the provider exerts even more pressure on the competition.

Adam Dubois

Smartproxy, the international provider of proxies and web scraping infrastructure, has made two major updates in a week. The first involves a new format for the ISP proxy product. The second reviews mobile proxy rates, reducing them by up to 60%. 

New Product: Shared ISP Proxies

In addition to pool-based ISP proxies and dedicated lists, Smartproxy is introducing another format – shared ISP proxies. 

The product allows buying lists of ISP proxy servers that are shared among several users. Here are its main technical specifications:

  • The US, UK, and France as available locations. Most of the IPs are in the US. 
  • Sprint, Frontier, GTT & other ISPs. Smartproxy distributes the proxies automatically. 
  • HTTP(S) protocol support. 
  • Ability to rotate IPs use the same session as long as needed. 
  • Unlimited threads.
  • Up to unlimited traffic.

The main pricing format is pay per IP, but like with its shared datacenter proxies, Smartproxy also charges for traffic expenditure. Each plan gets 50 GB by default, with options to choose 100 GB, 300 GB, 1 TB, or unlimited traffic for an extra fee. 

smartproxy isp/ip dash
You can choose the amount of IPs and traffic you need.

The prices are extremely affordable with the basic configuration ($0.5/IP or less). However, opting for unmetered traffic triples and sometimes quadruples the plan’s cost. Even then, the rates remain competitive with the broader market. 

The shared ISP proxies are already available for purchase.

Mobile Proxy Price Cut

Smartproxy has also made changes to its existing mobile proxy product. Its rates have experienced significant price cuts, making the service up to 60% cheaper.

 New price/GBOld price/GBDifference
1 GB$8$20-60%
2 GB$7.5$15-50%
8 GB$7$8.5-12%
25 GB$6.5$8-19%
50 GB$6$7.5-20%
100 GB$5.5$7-21.5%

The change makes Smartproxy more affordable than most enterprise and mid-market competitors:

smartproxy mobile new price comparison

It’s the provider’s third price revision in a year, the first two taking place in August and December 2023. 

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