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Rayobyte Rebrands, Launches Three New Products

The company shifts focus to individuals and small businesses. 

Adam Dubois
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Rayobyte, the US-based provider of proxies and web scraping tools, has met the summer with big changes. They range from a new brand identity to a launch of three new products. The overarching aim is to become more approachable for entry-level users, with simplified messaging and no-commitment pricing plans. 

Let’s address the changes one by one.

Website Rebrand

The first – and perhaps most visible – change involves Rayobyte’s brand identity. Both the messaging and visuals have been simplified, taking a friendly, informal tone and showcasing the provider’s employees. To quote the CEO Neil Emeigh:

This redesign, we believe, conveys our commitment to be the “approachable” proxy and scraping brand. Take a look at our competitors and you’ll quickly see a common theme: they’re all robotic, and ‘corporate-like’. Gross! Why can’t business be fun (as long as you have 99.999%, like we do)?! Let us make it so, starting with our website.

In other words, the focus has shifted to servicing B2C customers and small-to-medium businesses, as opposed to the earlier emphasis on scale, reliability, and white labeling. Neil calls this pivot from profit-per-customer to quantity as going back to the company’s roots. 

The new approach will also reflect on other initiatives, such as customer education, Rayobyte stories, and a product strategy that should bring open source tools for everyone to enjoy.

rayobyte residential landing section
Rayobyte foregrounds the human element behind its services.

Web Unblocker

The first of the products, called Web Unblocker, is a remote web scraper that integrates as a proxy server. Like most similar tools, it automatically manages IP selection, browser fingerprint parameters, and JavaScript rendering. As a result, it should return pages with a very high success rate and little effort on the user’s end. 

Rayobyte’s Web Unblocker charges for traffic use – it never expires and becomes cheaper the more you buy at once. The pricing starts from $12/GB and reaches $5/GB when getting 500 gigabytes or more.

rayobyte web unblocker explainer
The gist of how Web Unblocker works.

Rotating Datacenter Proxies

The second product grants access to a large pool (“tens of thousands”) of rotating datacenter IPs. The proxies cover four locations: the US, Brazil, France, and Germany. They support the ability to rotate with every connection request or keep the same IP for two hours. 

Like Web Unblocker, the rotating datacenter product comes with non-expiring traffic that starts at $0.6/GB and scales to $0.45/GB when buying in bulk.  

The datacenter pool isn’t exactly new – we first tested it over a year ago for 2023’s Proxy Market Research. However, it’s finally left beta and is available through self-service.

rayobyte rotating dc pricing plans
The product is relatively cheap compared to residential proxies.

Rotating ISP Proxies

The third addition to Rayobyte’s line-up is a rotating pool of ISP proxies in the US. The number of IPs isn’t specified, but you can use this product with no limits other than traffic. Access through the HTTP protocol and sticky sessions are available. 

Once again, the rotating ISP proxies base their pricing on a scaling pay-as-you-go model. A gigabyte costs $7.5, reaching $5/GB when you buy 500 gigabytes or more.

rayobyte rotating isp pricing plans
You pay less by buying more (non-expiring traffic) at once.

Residential Pricing Adjustment

After moving its residential proxies to subscription just a few months ago, Rayobyte is bringing back paying as you go – with a twist. It’s now possible to choose between both pricing models: either subscribe to a plan or buy various amounts of non-expiring traffic. 

The latter option costs up to 25% more (with the exception of 1 TB+):

 Subscription (/GB)Pay as you go (/GB)
15 GB$6.67$7.5
50 GB$5$6.5
100 GB$4.5$5.5
250 GB$4$5
500 GB$3.5$4
1,000 GB$3.2$3

Bottom Line

When providers like Smartproxy and IPRoyal have been climbing up, Rayobyte has decided to move downmarket where it feels the most comfortable. The welcoming tone and financial flexibility cast a wide net over entry-level users, which the company hopes to grow into loyal customers.

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