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Luminati Initiates a Data Collection Ethical Committee

The provider partners up with World Ethical Data Forum to promote ethics in data collection and use.

Adam Dubois

Israeli proxy provider Luminati has struck hands with World Ethical Data Forum, an annual event focused on the use and future or data, to establish a Data Collection Ethical Committee.

Guided by the Forum, the committee will involve data ethics industry leaders, academics, and experts to address complex ethical questions revolving around data. It hopes to transform the dialogue between governmental agencies, businesses, and the public to emphasize reliable and responsible collection and use of information.

As a side note, Luminati also announced having signed a long-term agreement with the Forum. More details will be announced during the annual event on March 17, 2021.

While this very much sounds like a vague PR piece – and we’re literally referencing one – the news reaffirms Luminati’s sustained effort toward legitimizing proxies and the broader data collection industry. It was hardly surprising to find a quote by Luminati’s head Or Lenchner stating that “the data collection industry has had its fair share of controversy over the years”.

Indeed it has. A few years ago Luminati itself caught heat over its proxy sourcing and usage practices in the controversial article by security researchers from Trend Micro. While its contents are debatable, the article has likely spurred Luminati toward embracing the ethical angle it now champions.

Whatever their aims may be, Luminati’s initiatives have made a positive influence on the market as a whole. They’ve caused an increasing number of residential proxy providers to open up about their proxy sourcing practices and ensure responsible use. We hope that this will help proxy networks to gradually cast away the still predominant associations with hacking and other malicious activities.


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