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Bright Data Introduces Residential Proxy No-KYC Mode

Customers will be able to access a list of vetted websites without verification.

Adam Dubois

Bright Data, the Israeli provider of proxy servers and data collection infrastructure, has announced the residential proxy no-Know Your Customer (KYC) mode.

From now on, customers can start using the provider’s residential proxy network without going through a KYC process.

When new or returning customers try activating a Residential zone or ask for Residential IP access, they’ll be offered two options:

  1. Get immediate access to a list of pre-approved 200 websites. The website list includes popular target sites, and more will be added over time.
  2. Get access to the residential network for all websites after completing the KYC verification process. It usually takes up to three days to complete.

Customers who choose the immediate access mode will still have to go through some guidelines provided by Bright Data. Also, the new mode will require installing Bright Data’s certificate to prevent misuse.

Old accounts that failed KYC by compliance since their use case is forbidden won’t have the option to use the new mode. 

Residential Proxy no-KYC mode is already available.