CAPTCHA Proxies: Why Are the Best Sneakerheads Using Them?

Here's how CAPTCHA proxies can help with your next sneaker drop.

Sneakerheads know — those sweet drops wait for nobody and get copped within seconds. So, if you want to get in the game, you have to know what you’re doing. Newbies often forget one thing that can prevent them from getting the kicks they want — CAPTCHAs. This anti-bot system can render a bot useless at the checkout. That’s why you need to know how to bypass it and that’s something  CAPTCHA proxies can help you with. Let’s talk more about them in this article.


What Are CAPTCHAs and How Can They Mess Up Your Cook?

You probably already noticed that most websites are not fond of bots. That’s why you are often asked, “are you a robot?” on various input fields. While you know how to answer that, a bot may find this more challenging. This challenge is called a CAPTCHA. It means: Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. 

CAPTCHA is a security measure used by websites to protect against malicious botting activity. Which makes sense, because bots are often used for credential stuffing or launching DDoS attacks. They can also do a little less harmful but still unwanted things like disrupt site analytics and generate click fraud. 

But you don’t care about that, because you just want to get some sneakers before they go out of stock, right? Well, as long as you use a bot, CAPTCHAs are something to be wary of. Most retailers don’t like automated purchases, that is why they pop up CAPTCHAs right on the checkout page. 

That’s where captcha proxies come in. They can help you get those easy one-click CAPTHAs that even your bot can handle. But do you really need them?

Well, If you choose to forgo CAPTCHAs proxies, your bot will have to solve an image CAPTCHA, and it won’t be capable of doing that without your help. So, you’ll be stuck solving time-consuming puzzles, which will be especially painful if you’re running dozens of tasks simultaneously.

What Are CAPTCHA Proxies?

Sneaker proxies are crucial to the copping process. They allow you to make multiple requests to the same website by tricking it that you’re connecting as several different people. If you tried doing that with your own IP address, you’d get banned faster than the new release solds out. 

But let’s not forget anti-bot security measures. To evade these, you are going to have to use CAPTCHA proxies. They are a separate type of IPs that you can use along your sneaker proxies. The sole purpose of CAPTCHA proxies is to help you generate easy one-click CAPTCHAs that your bot can solve. 

What’s the difference between sneaker proxies and CAPTCHA proxies?  Typically, sneaker proxies are only used for the purpose of navigating the retailer’s site and making a purchase. Meanwhile, CAPTCHA proxies work to create trustworthy Google accounts which are used to generate one-click CAPTCHAs challenges.

How to Use CAPTCHA Proxies

You may be wondering why you need Google accounts in this process. Well, there’s a rather simple explanation. Before presenting a user with its anti-botting system called reCaptcha, Google will check if the sessions are logged into a trusted Google account. Trusted accounts are determined by this criteria:

  • Age of the account
  • Account usage
  • Sign-in IP address
  • Account creation method

That’s why, you should plug in several seasoned google accounts into your bot’s captcha harvester. Each of these accounts must have different proxies assigned to them. Then, you’ll need to watch some Youtube videos from these accounts to create human-like activity. 

Performing these actions allows you to trick Google into thinking that each of your accounts is managed by a real user. That’s how you’ll get one-click captchas that even your bot’s captcha harvester can handle with ease. 


CAPTCHAs have considerably improved over the years and gotten quite good at keeping the bots at bay. However, there are ways to trick them into thinking that your sneaker bot is a real human. All you need is a good CAPTCHA proxy provider, some seasoned google accounts and a clever bot.

Frequently Asked Questions about CAPTCHA Proxies

What Is a Proxy Server

Proxy servers stand between you and websites. They forward your requests using their own IP address, so no one can trace you.

What Is a CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA is a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is used as a security measure to protect sneaker retailers’ websites against malicious botting activity.

How to Get One-Click CAPTCHAs?

To get one-click CAPTHAs you’ll need to plug in trustworthy Google accounts into your sneaker bot’s CAPTCHA harvester. They will trick the system into thinking that the session is navigated by a real user.

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