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Where to Buy Static Residential Proxies in 2024

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where datacenter IPs keep getting blocked, and residential proxies are just too slow? Don’t worry – static residential proxies combine both of their features, so expect response times in milliseconds and a good IP reputation.

best static residential proxies

1. Webshare

Webshare offers stable and reliable static residential proxies from major US ASNs. They are among the cheapest on the market if you don’t enable premium features. The services come with absolute self-service and customizability.

Rating 8.8/10

2. Smartproxy

Smartproxy sells affordable static residential proxies in 9 locations. You get stable proxies, the best customer service, and an easy setup.

Rating 9.3/10

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Oxylabs logo

3. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is a premium service with static residential proxies that you’ll share with up to three users. You can expect an almost perfect success rate and a fast response time.

Rating 9.3/10
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Bright Data logo

4. Bright Data

As a premium service, Bright Data has figured it all out: many locations, a lot of features, and reliable static residential proxy infrastructure. But don’t expect cheap rates.

Rating 9.3/10

Get $250 extra when you add $250 to your account.

rayobyte logo

5. Rayobyte

Rayobyte’s proxies come from 4 countries, and you can filter up to the city level in the US. They are very performant and mostly unlimited.

Rating 8.6/10
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6. NetNut

NetNut’s proxies are sourced directly from ISPs. They come in a pool of addresses, but you can establish sticky sessions. The provider allows you to target cities, states, and even ASNs.

Rating 9/10

7. IPRoyal

IPRoyal has one of the lowest prices in the market. The provider has pretty good location coverage and basic features. However, it should be enough for simple tasks.

Rating 8.0/10

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black soax logo


SOAX offers the largest number of proxies on this list. These proxies come in a pool of addresses. You can rotate them with every request, keep the IP until unavailable, or choose a custom duration.

Rating 9.0/10
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Key Points about Static Residential Proxies

  • Static residential proxies are also called ISP proxies.
  • They are hosted on a server and associated with an internet service provider (ISP) but don’t involve end users. 
  • Static residential proxies are harder to detect than datacenter proxies and have better IP reputation.
  • They are faster than rotating residential proxies because they don’t rely on unstable Wi-Fi connections of end users.
  • As the name states, static residential proxies don’t need to rotate, so they are the preferred choice for tasks where you need a consistent identity like multiple account management.
  • Static residential proxies are expensive. You can get plans based on IPs or traffic use.

Main Criteria to Consider when Choosing Static Residential IPs

  • The size of the IP pool. Static residential proxies come with fewer available IPs than residential or datacenter proxies. Make sure the provider has enough IPs to avoid IP blocks and ensure clean addresses.
  • Location coverage. Look for proxies that cover the geographic regions you need because the proximity to your target can affect performance.
  • Rotation and replacement options. Consider whether the service comes with rotation options if you’re planning to use proxies for web scraping. If you buy a static list, check the provider’s replacement policy.
  • Available ASNs. Look at the number of ASNs the provider offers, and whether it covers the major ones like Comcast if you want to target challenging websites. 
  • Proxy management tools. Check out the tools that the provider offers for managing and monitoring proxies, such as API access, and dashboard interfaces.
  • Pricing. Compare the pricing structure, including any bandwidth limitations or additional fees.

Types of Static Residential Proxies

Like datacenter proxy servers, static residential proxies can be shared, dedicated or semi-dedicated. Here’s how they differ: 

  • Shared static residential proxies are used by multiple users at the same time. They are cheaper compared to dedicated addresses. These proxies work well with tasks like managing multiple accounts and scraping less protected websites. Shared static residential proxies are either priced per IP or GB. 
  • Dedicated static residential proxies are assigned to a single user. You will get a clean history, so they have an excellent IP reputation. They are always priced per gigabyte and are pretty expensive. Dedicated proxies are good for scraping advanced websites, sneaker copping, or for reputation-sensitive tasks.
  • Semi-dedicated residential proxies are used with a few users depending on the service you choose. They are more affordable than dedicated counterparts while still providing better performance and reliability than shared proxies. Pricing for these proxies can vary; they may be billed per IP or per gigabyte.

Why Choose Static Residential Proxies Over Other Types?

  • Higher speed and reliability. Static residential proxies are fast and have stable connections; they are associated with an internet service provider (ISP) but don’t rely on end-user connections. This ensures minimal downtime and high performance.
  • Higher anonymity. These proxies use IPs from consumer ISPs, making them appear as legitimate users, which helps bypass detection and maintain a high IP reputation.
  • Optional rotation. Unlike rotating residential proxies, static residential proxies keep the same IP by default, which is necessary for tasks requiring a consistent online identity. Otherwise, the proxies can rotate just fine, depending on the rotation options provided by the service.
  • Unlimited bandwidth. Depending on your chosen pricing model, you can have complete control over individual IP addresses, so traffic use won’t charge you. This is particularly beneficial for users managing data-intensive tasks.

Not convinced? Read our guide on static residential proxies.

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