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The Best Shared Proxy Providers of 2022

Sometimes, there’s no need to get expensive dedicated or residential IPs. If you’re accessing unprotected websites, shared datacenter proxies can perform just as well for a fraction of the cost. Some providers further simplify things by automatically rotating the addresses for you.

If you’re looking to buy cheap shared proxies, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve picked out a number of great providers to ensure you’ll get the best experience for the price. Here are our top picks.

  1. Smartproxy – 100,000 rotating proxies with unlimited threads.
  2. Bright Data – rotating and static shared IPs with the most customization options.
  3. Oxylabs – shared rotating proxy pools in six countries.
  4. Rayobyte – affordable semi-dedicated proxies in 9 countries.
  5. Storm Proxies – a large pool of backconnect shared IPs with 3 rotation settings.
  6. MyPrivateProxy – non-sequential shared proxy lists in 24 locations.
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Key Points about Shared Proxies

  • Shared proxies are middlemen IPs that multiple people use at the same time.
  • Though any proxy type can be shared, the name mostly refers to datacenter IPs.
  • They’re the cheapest option available: an IP costs 2-3 times less compared to dedicated proxies. When priced by traffic, you’ll pay 5-20 times less compared to residential addresses.
  • Shared proxy servers are simple to block if a website tries. Still, they’re a fine choice for hiding your IP, unblocking geo-restricted content, and scraping unprotected websites.
  • Shared proxies also provide an affordable testing ground for beginners who want to try out proxies for their use case.

You can learn more in our guide on shared proxies.

The Best Cheap Shared Proxies in 2022

1. Smartproxy

100,000 rotating proxies with unlimited threads.

smartproxy shared datacenter proxies landing page

Smartproxy is known for its residential proxies, but it sells shared datacenter IPs as well. You can buy access to 100,000 IPs in the US and Europe. All plans give access to the full IP pool, and these proxies automatically rotate, so they’re great for web scraping. Smartproxy is a user-friendly provider, with plenty of integration instructions and amazing customer support, so you won’t be left on your own. For the drawbacks, you can’t target individual European countries, and the 30 minute sticky sessions might not be long enough for everyone.

  • Format: Rotating proxy pool (every request or 30 mins)
  • Protocols: HTTP(S)
  • Locations: United States
  • Extras: 24/7 live support
  • Price: From $30/50 GB ($0.7/GB). 3-day refund available.

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Read the Smartproxy review for more information and performance tests.

2. Bright Data

Rotating and static shared IPs with the most customization options.

bright data datacenter proxy landing page

Bright Data gives you two options for shared proxies: a list of IPs or access to a pool of 20,000 addresses. The second option randomly picks IPs from Bright Data’s supported 80 locations. You can set up rotation, filter the proxies, and otherwise control them with Bright Data’s powerful proxy manager. The pricing plans are monthly, but you can also pay as you go. In short, Bright Data offers an elaborate and technically demanding service for professionals. If you’re one, you’ll find it very powerful; otherwise, you might find Bright Data too complex.

  • Format: Shared IP list or rotating proxy pool (customizable rotation)
  • Protocols: HTTP(S) & SOCKS5 protocols
  • Locations: Over 80
  • Extras: 24/7 live support, proxy manager
  • Price: From $1/1GB or $1/IP. 7-day trial for businesses, 3-day refund for individuals.

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Read the Bright Data review for more information and performance tests.

3. Oxylabs

Shared rotating proxy pools in six countries.

oxylabs shared proxy landing page

Oxylabs offers shared proxies in six locations: the US and five European countries. The proxies come in pools of 20,00-10,000 addresses; they can rotate with every connection request or establish sticky sessions. There’s no time limit for keeping the same IP address, as long as you use the same session ID. You can start using the service quickly, and the dashboard has convenient graphs to track traffic expenditure. Overall, it’s a powerful option for web scraping that resembles Smartproxy – with better targeting options but a steeper starting price.

  • Format: Rotating proxy pool (every request, sticky sessions)
  • Protocols: HTTP
  • Locations: 6
  • Extras: 24/7 live support
  • Price: From $100/167GB ($0.6/GB). 7-day trial for businesses, 3-day refund for individuals.

Visit Oxylabs
Read the Oxylabs review for more information and performance tests.

4. Rayobyte

Affordable semi-dedicated proxies in 9 countries.

rayobyte datacenter proxy landing page

Like Bright Data, Rayobyte sells shared proxies in two formats. The first one is a list, where you can buy from as few as five IPs in nine countries and share them with two people. The second is a pool of rotating datacenter proxies. The rotating pool resembles Smartproxy, but instead of getting full access, you buy a certain number of ports with limited IPs: 10 ports with 200 IPs, and so on. This, together with longer rotation times, make Rayobyte a worse but still a good choice for web scraping. All proxies use fast 1Gbps connections.


  • Format: IP list or rotating proxy pool (10-120 minutes)
  • Protocols: HTTP(S) & SOCKS5
  • Locations: 9 (shared) or 3 (rotating) countries
  • Extras: 24/7 email support, unlimited traffic
  • Price: From $4/5 IPs ($0.8/IP). 2-day free trial available.

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Read the Rayobyte review for more information and performance tests.

5. Storm Proxies

A large pool of backconnect shared IPs with 3 rotation settings.

storm proxies backconnect proxies page

Storm Proxies offers a pool of 200,000 shared rotating proxies which you can access instantly after purchase. These datacenter IPs don’t limit bandwidth and instead throttle the number of threads you can make: the cheapest plan gives you 40, then 80, and then 150. The IPs have three rotation settings, and you can choose from several, though very broad, locations. The pool gets refreshed every 7 days, at least according to Storm Proxies. Overall, it’s a pretty good deal. Our biggest gripe is that there’s only whitelisted IP authentication, which is very limited as well.

  • Format: mix of rotating datacenter & residential IPs (every request, 3, or 15 mins)
  • Protocols: HTTP(S)
  • Locations: US, EU, US & EU, or worldwide
  • Extras: unlimited traffic
  • Price: From $14 for 10 threads. 24-hour refund available.

Read the Storm Proxies review for more information and performance tests.

6. MyPrivateProxy

Non-sequential shared proxy lists in 24 locations.

myprivateproxy shared proxies page

MyPrivateProxy offers shared datacenter proxies in the form of IP lists. These are “super elite” proxies – translated from marketing language, this means anonymous. They run on fast 1Gbps connections in 24 locations. The plans activate instantly and allow a monthly refresh. Compared to other companies on the list, MyPrivateProxy doesn’t stand out much. But it’s still a stellar proxy provider that’s been in the market for over 10 years.

  • Format: IP list
  • Protocols: HTTP(S)
  • Locations: 24 (16 US, 8 EU)
  • Extras: non-sequential IPs, unlimited, traffic, 100 threads/IP
  • Price: From $50/50 IPs ($1/IP). 3-day refund available.

Read the MyPrivateProxy review for more information and performance tests.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shared Proxies

What Is a Shared Proxy?

A shared proxy is an IP address that multiple people use at the same time.

Can I Buy Shared Proxies That Automatically Rotate?

Yes. Providers like Smartproxy and Luminati give access to backconnect proxy servers. They automatically rotate your IP after some time.

Why Shouldn't I Get Free Shared Proxy List?

They’ll likely be slow and overused. A free shared proxy can also serve you fake ads or even steal your personal data. Be especially careful with HTTP proxies because they send all data in plain text.

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