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SOAX Increases Its Proxy Pool by 22 Times

The provider now claims to control nearly 200 million proxies.
Adam Dubois
soax proxy pool october 2023

SOAX, the UK-based provider of proxy servers and web scraping tools, has updated its proxy pool numbers.

As of October, SOAX’s advertised proxy network includes an aggregate of 191 million proxy servers.

This marks a huge jump from the previous 8.6 million proxies. Here’s how the numbers are distributed among SOAX’s three proxy products:

155 million
33 million
2.6 million
5 million
3.5 million

In other words, SOAX now claims to control between nine and 31 times more proxies than before. If true, this would mean a significant quality of life increase for the provider’s customers. It would also mean that SOAX controls the largest proxy network among major providers like Oxylabs and Bright Data.

We tried asking SOAX’s customer support about the cause of these changes and the counting methodology but received only canned responses. We’ll be very curious to test the provider’s proxies again and see if we encounter a tangible difference.

Overall, the market remains without a clear standard for measuring proxy network sizes. The latest trend is to write all unique IPs the provider has had since inception (for example, Bright Data’s 350 million proxies since 2016).

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