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Oxylabs Releases Real-Time Crawler Browser Integration

You can now scrape data through a web browser’s address bar.

Adam Dubois
oxylabs real time crawler image

Proxy provider Oxylabs has revealed a quality-of-life update to its data extraction tool Real-Time Crawler. The browser integration update aims to make the tool easier to use for everyone, especially new users.

The update allows Real-Time Crawler to extract information through URLs. Instead of sending scraping requests to the tool using computer code, you can now achieve the same results by simply entering a URL string into your browser’s address bar. Simply put, it makes sending and retrieving data as easy as using a web browser.

The new method allows specifying particular locations, device types, and pagination settings. It can retrieve data in raw .HTML or parsed .JSON formats. The browser integration is available for all the usual sources: search engines and e-commerce platforms.

The changes are already live. Users with access tokens can begin sending requests to the Real-Time Crawler endpoint today. 

Overall, these improvements should make Oxylabs’ data extraction tool more approachable to users with limited coding experience.