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Oxylabs Launches Web Unblocker

The spiritual successor to Next-Gen Residential Proxies integrates as a proxy server and automatically handles website protection mechanisms.

Adam Dubois

Oxylabs, the provider of proxies and web scraping infrastructure, has launched a new product called Web Unblocker. It allows scraping any website without the need to run headless browsers or bypass anti-bot systems. 

Essentially, Web Unblocker functions as a remote web scraper that integrates as a proxy server. The tool automatically selects the most appropriate proxies (whether datacenter or residential), applies a browser fingerprint, and retries requests if needed. As a result, you should be able to receive results without fail even from protected websites. 

To improve Web Unblocker’s efficiency, Oxylabs applies machine learning models that adapt the web scraping logic and verify the integrity of website responses. 

oxylabs web unblocker schematic

Web Unblocker supports most of the features available to Oxylabs’ regular proxy networks: selecting specific locations and establishing sessions. In addition, it can remotely render JavaScript, send custom headers, and pass on data to websites. 

The product charges for traffic, with plans starting from $325 for 25 GB ($13/GB). Oxylabs offers a free week-long trial that includes 1 GB of traffic. 

Overall, Web Unblocker comes as a spiritual successor (for the most part, repackaging) to Oxylabs’s now-deprecated Next-Gen Residential Proxies. It joins the ranks of Zyte’s Smart Proxy Manager and Bright Data’s very similarly named Web Unlocker as a new generation of proxy network designed to address the complexities of modern data collection.