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OxyCon, a Virtual Web Scraping Conference by Oxylabs, Returns for the Third Year

A free 2-day event on all things web scraping will take place on September 7-8.

Adam Dubois
Oxycon information

Oxylabs, a premium provider of proxies and web scraping tools, will host the conference with a focus on the evolving world of public data collection and how to solve its challenges. 

Bringing leaders of various tech industries and Oxylabs team members together, OxyCon 2022 will feature presentations and discussions covering three core topics:

  1. The world of public data collection for businesses. It’s no secret that public data is a valuable source for a plethora of companies, from those doing pricing intelligence and SEO monitoring to governmental use. If you’re interested in the world of public data collection and how it helps companies achieve their goals, OxyCon 2022 will cover the most critical aspects.
  2. Overcoming scraping challenges as a developer. Public data sources are getting increasingly complex in the way they are built and rendered, serving new challenges to web scraping specialists every day. OxyCon 2022 will concentrate on developers, who must come up with intelligent solutions to stay on top of the changes.
  3. Scraping infrastructure management and solutions. Industry professionals will cover every aspect of scalability – the journey from a small-scale, mostly monolithic design to a system capable of handling hundreds of job units.

You can register now to get a free ticket at https://oxylabs.io/oxycon. The detailed schedule will be available soon.