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Infatica Introduces Dedicated ISP Proxies

The product covers 16 countries and comes with unlimited traffic.

Adam Dubois
infatica isp proxy hero

Infatica, the Singapore-based provider of proxy servers and web scraping tools, has launched ISP proxies. 

The product offers access to server-based IPs that are associated with consumer internet service providers. They come in static lists and are not shared.  

The ISP proxies cover 16 countries in four continents, predominantly Europe:

  • North America:  USA, Canada
  • Europe: Ukraine, Latvia, Austria, Lithuania, England, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Poland, France, Italy
  • South America: Brazil
  • Asia: India, Thailand

Infatica doesn’t specify which ASNs the IPs are linked to. 

Their other technical specifications include: HTTP and SOCKS5 protocol support, unlimited traffic and threads. 

The product has only one plan at a rate of $5 per unit. It’s possible to buy as few as one proxy.

Infatica’s dedicated ISP proxies are already available for purchase: either through self-service or the provider’s sales team for bulk orders.

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