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Infatica Introduces Shared Datacenter Proxies

Though publicly available, the product is still very much in the making.
Adam Dubois

Infatica, the Singapore-registered proxy provider, has started selling datacenter proxies. 

The new product provides access to shared addresses in the US. The proxies come in static lists, carry no bandwidth limits, and support both HTTP(S) and SOCKS protocols.

Infatica uses a traditional pricing model based on IP quantity. Its publicly available plans target customers that need cheap proxies ($.10 apiece) in bulk. The entry plan makes little sense at $3/IP, but it’s probably positioned as a kind of trial.

infatica shared datacenter proxy plans

Overall, we get the impression that Infatica wanted to push out the new product as soon as possible and flesh it out later. The landing page lacks information, and some of its parts look strange now but are obviously future-oriented:

infatica shared datacenter proxy locations

Infatica’s datacenter proxies are already available for purchase.