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NetNut is one of the original providers of premium ISP proxies. For some time, it used to offer nothing more, but nowadays you can buy datacenter & residential IPs as well. While NetNut has inexpensive plans (you won’t find them on the home page), it mainly targets companies with large web scraping needs. So, if you don’t fall into this profile, or you’re simply looking for other options, here’s a list of some great NetNut alternatives to try out.

netnut alternatives


A strong NetNut alternative for web scraping. You get a larger IP pool, better performance, and optional web scraping APIs that take care of proxy management from you.

  • 102 million IPs
  • Better targeting options
  • Better user experience
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Less detailed statistics
  • Smaller ISP proxy pool


Smartproxy offers two rotating proxy pools, a Google scraping API, and several free tools for data collection and anonymity. A strong performer and overall value choice.

  • 40 mil. residential IPs
  • All locations
  • Great support & UX
  • Cheaper until TBs of data
  • No ISP proxies
  • Less detailed statistics

Bright Data

Bright Data has some of the best infrastructure and tooling on the market. It offers not only proxies, but also proxy-based APIs, no-code web scraper, and complete data sets.

  • All proxy types
  • Pay as you go
  • Advanced proxy manager
  • Precise targeting options
  • More expensive
  • Complex to use
  • Features cost extra


Zyte doesn't really sell proxies – rather, it offers a smart API that deals with blocks, IP rotation, and other complexity. It works great most of the time and charges by requests.

  • Predictable pricing
  • Performs well
  • Great documentation
  • Has a no-code web scraper
  • Limited support hours
  • Throttled request speed
  • Fewer locations
  • Not suited for other uses
Rating 8.6 / 10
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PacketStream can be your choice if you want really cheap traffic. Its residential proxy network performs surprisingly well for the price and covers all the basic features.

  • $1/GB
  • Over 100 locations
  • Pay as you go
  • $50 minimum deposit
  • Questionable IP pool size
  • No ISP proxies
  • Slow email-only support
Rating 8.4 / 10
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