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Smartproxy Adds US States, Increases Rotation Time

Good news for sneakerheads and multiple account managers.
Adam Dubois
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Proxy provider Smartproxy has announced two new improvements before year’s end. They should improve the quality of life for two of the company’s largest client groups: sneakerheads and multiple account managers.

Both changes apply to residential proxies only. They are in effect already.

The first part of the announcement involves location targeting – Smartproxy now allows choosing from any of the 50 US states. This broadens the company’s range of locations, which used to cover 195 countries and 8 major cities throughout the world.

The second part of the announcement introduced extended sticky sessions. They now last notably longer – up to 30 minutes. The 10 minute option remains for those who need it.

Keep in mind the words up to: a residential proxy can disconnect at any time because it relies on real users. Another caveat is that the feature only works with username:password authentication for the moment.

Overall, the new improvements are welcome and should further strengthen Smartproxy’s position compared to its main competitors.

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