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Smartproxy Starts Offering Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

The US-only IPs start from $39 per month.

Adam Dubois
robots lined up for dedicated and shared datacenter proxies

Proxy provider Smartproxy has introduced dedicated datacenter proxy plans. They give users exclusive ownership over the IPs. 

The dedicated proxies are all located in the US. There’s little information about the available states, cities, or the number of IPs in Smartproxy’s control. 

The proxies feature unlimited bandwidth and threads. There are also no target limits (to a certain extent). In other words, you can use them to your heart’s content. The supported protocol is HTTP(S). 

The dedicated datacenter proxies are static and come in the form of a proxy list. This contrasts with Smartproxy’s shared datacenter plans that offer access to a rotating pool of addresses. All plans allow credential-based authentication for up to five users.  

The IPs can be randomized once a month, but individual proxy replacement is not yet available. 

The pricing is based on a regular monthly subscription model. Here are the available plans:

PlanIPsPrice (+VAT)
Mini25$39 ($1.56/IP)
General50$73 ($1.46/IP)
Main100$135 ($1.35/IP)
Normal250$325 ($1.3/IP)
Classic500$625 ($1.25/IP)
Prime1,000$1,200 ($1.2/IP)

You can buy and start using Smartproxy’s dedicated datacenter proxies today.