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Smartproxy Launches Dedicated ISP Proxies

The product offers IPs in seven countries with optional rotation.

Adam Dubois

Smartproxy, the international provider of proxies and web scraping infrastructure, has launched a new ISP proxy product. It offers a list of IPs dedicated to your exclusive use.

The product covers seven countries in four continents, with country-level targeting: the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, Japan, and the Netherlands. It’s possible to freely choose their distribution when buying a plan.

smartproxy dedicated isp locations

Though the IPs themselves are static, they integrate using the gateway:port format. Smartproxy also offers the ability to rotate them with every connection request, effectively giving you a custom proxy pool.

For now, the product supports only the HTTP(S) protocol. There are no limitations on concurrent connections or traffic.

The cheapest plan includes 10 IPs and costs $75 ($7.5/IP). It’s possible to get up to 1,000 IPs through self-service, which reduces the unit price to $2.67 per IP address. Overall, the rates aren’t exactly cheap, but they scale well between 50 and 300 IPs.

 10 IPs25 IPs50 IPs100 IPs300 IPs500 IPs1,000 IPs

The dedicated ISP proxies complement Smartproxy’s pool-based service that appeared earlier this year and meters traffic use. They’re already available for purchase.

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