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Introducing: Proxyway News Feed!

A section for news and opinions about the proxy industry.

Adam Dubois

We’ve finally managed to let this one out of our heads and into cyberspace! Welcome to the new, shiny – and still pretty much empty – Proxyway News Feed.

First of all, what is it? In short, it’s a platform that aggregates information about what’s going on with the major proxy providers. This info includes feature updates, new products, and other noteworthy news about their services. It’s also a space to share opinions – be they good, bad, or wildly unorthodox – about the proxy market and its participants.

What it’s not: the News Feed isn’t just another PR outlet for self-gratifying wankery. So, we’ll try our best to weed out flowery adjectives and other fluff. We aim to provide knowledge, not to please. That doesn’t mean we won’t be accepting submissions – that’s very much encouraged – but we’ll reserve the right to edit them according to our editorial standards.

Why create such a thing? Proxies have long become more than a hobby for Chris and myself. We’re very much interested in the goings on of the proxy market. But it’s still so niche that we’ve always found trouble keeping up with all the different providers. Thus, we decided to bring it all under one roof, so that anyone interested could get a feel of the status quo without spending hours on Google.

Furthermore – and this is no less important – we wanted to create a third-party platform for sharing opinions concerning the proxy space. And while it remains to be seen how many real opinions we’ll get, the mere ability to have them posted and read somewhere else than on a proxy provider’s blog page – we believe – was sorely missing.

Can I contribute? Sure. If you’re a proxy provider that has just pushed out some awesome update – go ahead. If you have something interesting to say about the market (ethics in the proxy space? The undeserved disregard for datacenter IPs? Some new use case you’ve just found out about?) – give it to us. SEO spam? No thanks – we have that in spades.

That’s more or less it. We really hope that you’ll find the News Feed useful. Read it, learn it, love it… and maybe even contribute to it? You’ll find the form on the Feed’s main page. And now, we’re off to populate it with more content. See you!