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Storm ProxiesAlternatives

Storm Proxies sells several kinds of rotating proxies. Its main strenghts lie in cheap price, ease of use, and unlimited bandwidth, which is all that many beginner web scrapers need. However, this provider offers few features, and no traffic limit translates to abuse and mediocre performance. If you’re looking for some more oomph, here are four great Storm Proxies alternatives that won’t break your bank.

storm proxies alternatives


Smartproxy does everything Storm Proxies can, and then some. It has a much bigger proxy pool, better performance, and you can choose actual countries (even cities) to target.

  • 40 mil. residential IPs
  • 195 countries
  • Great customer support
  • Pretty affordable per GB
  • Starts from $50

Bright Data

Woah – Bright Data in a list of affordable providers? Sounds strange, but it actually offers pretty affordable rates for rotating datacenter proxies. Might be worth a shot.

  • All proxy types
  • Many more features
  • Powerful proxy manager
  • Pay as you go
  • Pretty expensive
  • Harder to use
  • Corporate policies


Now here's cheap: PacketStream's residential proxies cost just $1/GB, no matter how much you buy. They work surprisingly well and cover all the basic features you'd expect.

  • $1 per gigabyte
  • Over 100 countries
  • Rotation every request
  • Pay as you go
  • $50 minimum deposit
  • Inflexible sticky session
  • Questionable pool size
Rating 8.4 / 10
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IPRoyal has a similar model to PacketStream. In other words, its residential IPs cost little (though slightly more), you don't have to buy much, and they perform decently.

  • $3/GB or less
  • Pay as you go
  • Flexible rotation
  • Country & city targeting
  • Small IP pool (100k)
  • Throttles @ many requests
Rating 8 / 10
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