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4 Best Korea Proxy Providers of 2024

If you want to access South Korean websites from abroad, scrape local content, or unblock your IP, a Korean proxy server might be just what you need. It will give you a new IP address to make it look like you’re connecting from Korea. Here are some of the best South Korean proxy providers you can use today.

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1. Smartproxy

Smartproxy is a great choice for beginners due to affordable prices and ease of use. Its proxies have all the main features and perform very well despite their price.

Rating 9.2/10

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2. Oxylabs

Oxylabs has the some of the best performing proxies we’ve tried, granular targeting options, and a dedicated account manager. It’s best for business clients with larger needs.

Rating 9.3/10

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3. Bright Data

Bright Data’s service covers all proxy types with multiple configurations, the most features, and powerful proxy management tools. It competes with Oxylabs and is best suited for people with funds and experience.

Rating 9.1/10

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SOAX lets you target desktop and mobile devices in South Korea. Its proxy networks support granular targeting options, for which you don’t have to pay extra. 

Rating 9.0/10

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Choosing the Best Korean Proxy Servers

Our vetting procedure for selecting the best Korea proxy providers included multiple technical tests. Our goal was to check on the proxies’ viability and strength in offering access to Korean sites.

We started by measuring the stability of their servers by constantly pinging the proxy network for new IPs. We then evaluated their speed and ability to access multiple high-profile websites. This revealed if the IP addresses were not abused. Finally, we measured how well the Korea proxy providers were able to handle big loads by running up to 500 parallel connections at the same time. 

Aside from the technical characteristics, we also looked at their pricing, features, and customer support. The list above contains the providers that displayed the best results.  

Reasons to Get a Proxy in Korea

With a Korean proxy IP, there are several benefits you stand to gain, primarily when online shopping. Korea is home to several online stores. A local IP address will let you scrape them for data or buy goods at local prices, which may be cheaper.

For marketers, a Korean proxy allows managing multiple social media IPs without getting blocked. This wouldn’t be possible with a single IP or just a VPN. 

For home users, proxies help overcome geographical restrictions. So, you can watch local Korean content as if you were located in Korea. They can also provide an additional privacy layer by hiding their IP address.

How to Use Korean Proxies

The Korean providers may have different configuration instructions, but they work in more or less the same way: you buy a plan, sign in, and get access to Korean IP addresses. 

The proxies use the standard IP:port format. This means they’re compatible with almost all devices, whether it’s your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop. They also support different applications and web browsers.

While the Korean proxies may have different features, pricing plans, and organization, the result is the same – unrestricted access to Korean sites.

Don’t Use A Free Korean Proxy List

A free Korean proxy server may sound like a great idea when you look at the high costs of some of the paid proxy providers. After all, you get access to Korean sites for free. However, you should really bite the bullet and go paid. Here’s why.

Free proxies are available to anyone, so it’s very likely they’ll be slow and already blocked on your target websites. Even if you manage to find performant IPs, you can’t be sure who’s behind them. Their provider can show you malicious ads through the proxies or even steal your personal data. 

A reputable proxy provider will never compromise your data. That said, you should note that Bright Data and Oxylabs will monitor your activities for legal reasons, and they will let you know about it when signing up. The monitoring may not sit well with some, especially if you want maximum privacy when using the proxies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Korea Proxy Servers

Yes, you can legally buy and use Korean proxies. It’s not a crime unless you use the proxy for the wrong reasons. If you have inquiries on the legality of using proxies with specific websites, you can always consult your attorney to be safe.

Keep in mind that having a foreign IP address doesn’t make you untraceable if you commit a crime. Law enforcement agencies have other ways of tracking you down, such as browser fingerprinting.

Yes. With a Korean IP address, you can access local content, which would otherwise be blocked. You can sign up for social media platforms and access online shopping platforms to purchase goods at local prices.

A proxy is very helpful for market intelligence, where you understand the pricing of products and their demand in the country.


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