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4 Best Indonesia Proxy Providers of 2024

The internet is a global domain filled with information and ideas from all walks of life. Yet, due to region restrictions, you may not be seeing the best the web has to offer. Indonesia is often one of those geo-blocked areas.

The proxy providers mentioned below will help you avoid firewalls and grant you access to the information you need. With them, you’ll be able to browse the web as if you were an Indonesian local.

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1. Smartproxy

Smartproxy is geared toward hustlers and small businesses. This provider offers 24/7 customer service, outstanding performance, and affordable plans.

Rating 9.3/10

Try 100 MB for free.

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2. Oxylabs

The complete experience. Oxylabs has an impressive suite of solutions and tools. Intended more for high-volume use, its prices are higher than average at first.

Rating 9.3/10
Use the code proxyway35 to get 35% off your first purchase.
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3. Bright Data

A bit of a mixed bag, Bright Data lets you choose specific countries, cities, and carriers. Its weakness is a steep learning curve. Novice users should look elsewhere.

Rating 9.3/10

Get $250 extra when you add $250 to your account.

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SOAX’s residential and mobile proxies are located in various Indonesian cities. The basic package includes advanced functionality without charging extra. 

Rating 9.0/10
Use the code proxyway to get 20% off.

Other Proxy Locations You Might Be Interested in:

How We Picked the Best Indonesian Proxy Servers

While every proxy can give you a different IP address, not all proxy servers are created equal. We base our list on in-depth research where we evaluate the features pros and cons of each major proxy provider.

Our technical test measure the overall network performance, reliability, location coverage, and suitability for specific purposes. By running up to 500 parallel connections, we accurately determine the overall quality of the providers’ IP pool.

Using Indonesia Proxies

Though each proxy provider might have a slightly different setup process, once configured, they will work on any browser or device routed through them. Connecting your device to any of these proxies will ensure that your connection is transmitted securely through an Indonesian IP address.

Why You Should NOT Use a Free Indonesia Proxy List

It may be tempting to choose one of the many free proxies available in Indonesia. However, there are good reasons to buy Indonesian proxies instead. The main issue with using free proxies is privacy.

In the case of free proxies, the real price is often your data. Since proxies act as intermediaries, they handle all the data you send and receive while connected to them. This necessity means that you need to trust the proxy service that you’re using.

Not only can free proxies track you, but if they use the HTTP protocol, they can intercept and steal your data. Everything from credit cards and bank accounts to names, phone numbers, and personal details are up for grabs when you‘re using a free proxy. So be very careful before you decide to use something offered to you for free.

With a paid Indonesian proxy server, you have a much better idea of what you’re getting. All the proxies on this list support HTTPS encryption. Along with increased security and reliability comes a peace of mind. Your transmissions are protected as promised, and that is priceless.

Why You Might Need a Proxy in Indonesia

There are plenty of scenarios when you can benefit from using Indonesian proxies. The main goal is to gain unrestricted access to information. Speed can be another reason. If the proxy’s DNS and caching servers are faster than your primary ISP’s, you can experience an increase in browsing speed. While this may not always be the case for each location, it’s something to consider.

A lesser-known reason is the ability to access local prices on certain shopping websites. You will also be able to scrape other local sources of information when you have a local IP address. Conducting local Indonesian market research is much easier when everything is listed in the right currency.

Another benefit includes creating Indonesian social media accounts and website profiles. With an Indonesian proxy you can buy goods and services local to the Indonesian area.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Indonesia Proxies

Yes, it’s perfectly legal. You can buy proxy services without worrying about legal issues, provided that you stick with reputable providers. If you have any doubts about the legality of using an Indonesian proxy where you live, you should consult with a legal expert.

Absolutely! Many people use Indonesian proxies to access local content. An Indonesian proxy will let you scrape data from other websites and gain valuable market research, all with local data results. Furthermore, because you are using a proxy, you won’t need to be concerned with geo-blocks or firewalls.

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