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The 5 Best Japan Proxy Services

Japan proxy servers help you unlock local content, even if you’re not in Japan. Use a Japan proxy to buy local goods at local prices, scrape data off Japanese websites and appear as if you are from the country. Not every proxy provider can give you a reliable pool of Japanese IP addresses. We strongly recommend these five proxy providers for their performance in our proxy tests.

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smartproxy logo

Best Japan Proxy Provider – Smartproxy

Smartproxy is one of the fastest-growing Japan proxy providers in the industry today. It offers some of the most affordable plans with 10 million proxies. Smartproxy has top-notch connection speeds for Japan proxy servers, as well as for other international locations. Extremely convenient for beginners and non-technical users. Backed up by 24/7 technical support.


+ Residential proxies
Easy to use
Good price
+ Chrome extension
Money-back guarantee


No SOCKS5 proxy IPs
Few cities to choose from

oxylabs logo

OxyLabs is one of the top two largest and best Japan proxy service providers at the moment. The company offers 60 million residential proxies in any area in the world. Great account managers make it a perfect choice for large businesses. Oxylabs has a powerful API and supports all major proxy protocols.


+ Residential proxies
+ Many cities in Japan

+ Best proxy performance
+ Your own account manager
+ Free trial


High entry point

luminati logo

Luminati has more than 72 million residential proxies. Unfortunately, setting up a Japanese proxy with Luminati is complicated. It may not be the ideal option for most people. IT pros and experienced proxy users will find that Luminati has every feature that they can expect from a Japanese proxy service.


+ Residential proxies
+ Advanced targeting options
+ Chrome browser extension
+ 24/7 customer service
7-day free trial


High price
Confusing pricing structure
Difficult to set up

geosurf logo

Geosurf is well known for offering very stable Japan proxy servers. It is particularly reliable when users are specifically interested in targeting Japanese cities. However, Geosurf’s services are expensive and the proxy pool not as large (only 2 million IPs) compared to the other networks in this list. 


+ Residential proxies
+ Reliable IPs

+ Large number of cities
+ Browser extensions
+ 24/7 customer service


Relatively few proxies
No SOCKS5 (no streaming or gaming)   

the poxy store logo

A huge proxy pool of 31 million proxies and unlimited bandwidth make Shifter an attractive Japan proxy service provider. The setup here is unique, as you rent ports and never get full access to the network. However, you can only change your proxies for a different use case once every two weeks. Our tests also show that the IPs are quite slow.


+ Residential proxies
+ Many IPs 
Pricing not traffic based
+ 24/7 customer service


Slow performance
Can’t choose Japan without paying extra
Can’t access all websites

How We Picked the Best Japan Proxy Services On This List

We created this list only after extensively testing each proxy provider to ensure a good user experience.

We first measured performance: stability, connection speed, and success rate of a proxy in Japan. We did these tests by running 500 connections simultaneously. We found out that only these proxy providers can easily overcome performance issues with servers in Japan.

We then considered the providers for their features. We made sure they offer enough proxies in Japan, are good for scraping and other tasks. We also took into account their ease of use and quality of customer service. 

These were the main criteria of how we ranked the best Japan proxy providers. Each provider on this list has its own unique features. But no matter which one you choose, they will let you browse anonymously with a Japanese IP and unblock localized content for data scraping

Using a Proxy in Japan from Different Devices

These Japanese proxy servers will work on all operating systems, including desktops or tablets. Every provider in the list supplies users with real residential IP addresses, which are highly resistant to blocking.

Each provider has different documentations and setup flows. Most of the time, you will set up a connection through Japan in no time, because these proxy providers are quite advanced and always improving their user experience. 

Why You Should NOT Use a Free Japan IP Address

It would be nice to have free and unlimited access to a Japanese proxy IP. But free proxies almost always come at the risk of having your ID, financial details and personal information stolen from you. On top of that, you will be losing your privacy and anonymity since free Japan proxy providers will be able to track all your activity. They do this by spying on users to mine browsing patterns for targeted ads, or maybe even for potential hacking.

All 5 best Japan proxy service providers on this list are ethical, registered companies that have a reliable business partnership with their users. Trusting a premium proxy provider is the smart way to go.

Why You Might Need an IP in Japan

A local proxy in Japan lets you access restricted, region-blocked content and buy exclusive products at the local price. If you’re running a business, Japan proxy IP providers open up the opportunity to create a market for yourself by letting you scrape data, access region-blocked marketing info, and even form a local social media presence.

Others might find Japanese proxies useful when buying retail goods, checking Japanese prices, news and local flight information or streaming services. Many people use these proxies for sneaker bots and buy limited edition clothes from BAPE and other Japanese stores.

Frequently Asked Questions About Japanese Proxies

Can I Use a JP proxy?

It is perfectly legal to use a Japanese proxy server. Still, you should review a website’s terms of service if you use a proxy to access geo-blocked content or scrape public data from Japanese websites. What we can tell you is that criminal activity of any kind can be traced back to the user, even if you mask your IP with a Japan proxy.

Can I Use Proxy IP Addresses in Japan to Access Local Content?

Yes. You can scrape data privately, gather marketing intelligence to find a local target audience, or just to get past a banned IP address by using any Japan proxy service provider on this page.