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The 5 Best French Proxies to Buy in 2020

A French proxy will assign you with a French IP address, enable you to access region-locked content, and scrape websites targeted at people in France. Any of the proxy providers below can provide you with fast and secure access to French content at a large scale.

smartproxy logo
Rating 9.2

Best French Proxies – Smartproxy

Smartproxy offers one of the fastest connections, as well as quick and easy access to French IP addresses. An intuitive account management system makes Smartproxy easy to set up for projects and custom connections. Best price for over 10 million proxies and 24/7 technical support.


+ Residential proxies
Easy to use
Good price
+ Chrome extension
Money-back guarantee


No SOCKS5 proxy IPs
Few cities to choose from

oxylabs logo
Rating 9.0/10

Oxylabs is one of the most flexible France proxy providers out there. It lets you target IP addresses from cities in France. It’s also the most reliable service on the list. The large pool of French proxies among 30 million servers comes at a price, so Oxylabs best for large businesses. The provider supports all major protocols, including SOCKS.


+ Residential proxies
+ Many cities in France

+ Best proxy performance
+ Private account manager
+ Free trial


Above average price
High entry point

luminati logo
Rating 8.9/10

Luminati has more than 35 million IP addresses in its complex network, and they’re full of features. BUT, its French proxies are a lot less accessible than the other networks on this list: You will need some technical know-how if you want to use Luminati, and the pricing structure isn’t very clear-cut.


+ Residential proxies
+ Advanced targeting options
+ Chrome browser extension
+ 24/7 customer service
7-day free trial


High price
Confusing pricing structure
Difficult to set up

geosurf logo
Rating 8.7/10

Despite supporting a lower number of countries than the others on this list, Geosurf is still a fantastic choice for anyone who needs to get an IP address from a specific region of France. The cost of entry to this network is relatively high, but it’s also one of the most stable networks around. It’s a  reliable provider.


+ Residential proxies
+ Reliable IPs

+ Large number of cities
+ Browser extensions
+ 24/7 customer service


Relatively few proxies
No SOCKS5 (no streaming or gaming)   

the poxy store logo
Rating 7.7/10

With Shifter, you only rent access to France proxy ports. This means that you can’t automatically access all of the proxies from France on the network. You also need to set your specific use case for each proxy that you use on the Shifter network, and you can’t change the use case for 2 weeks. The provider makes up for the lack of flexibility with the sheer size of the network.


+ Residential proxies
+ Many proxies
Pricing not traffic based
+ 24/7 customer service


Slow performance
Can’t choose France without paying extra
Can’t access all websites

How We Picked the Best French Proxies

There are many different factors we consider when we evaluate a proxy provider. Two of the most important metrics we look for are connection speed and success rate. The former tells us how quickly users can access content through a proxy, while the latter tells us how often requests for content are denied. Each provider has its own technical thresholds it uses to measure performance, but we are only interested in the end result. No matter which provider you are using, you expect to have the same experience.

With these providers, you’ll be assigned a connection that will grant you access to French proxies without restrictions. We tested these gateways and ran concurrent connection tests that involved up to 500 parallel connections. Only networks with the best performance ended up on this list. These providers also are the most stable and reliable.

Using a French Proxy Server

You can connect to a proxy network using almost any internet-capable device. One of the advantages of a proxy service is that you can set it up for individual apps. These proxy providers let you use different services with different proxies, with each one potentially getting a unique IP address from a France.

The precise steps involved in setting up and using a proxy service differ for every provider, but each proxy network on this list will route your connection through French servers, giving you a genuine French IP address. 

Why You Should NOT Use a Free France IP Address

Free French proxy services are tempting, but there are very good reasons to avoid them. Since a proxy server can process data that travels through it, free proxies are often set up by criminals or malicious actors who can easily steal your data.

Every provider on this list has been an industry mainstay for a long time. They’ve earned everyone’s trust for a reason. As for the largest providers on this list, you should be aware that both Luminati and Oxylabs track what their users do for legal reasons. That’s the cost of doing big business.

Why You Should Use an IP from France

A French IP address will grant you unlimited access to localized French content as if you were browsing the internet as a French citizen. This localized content can range from on-demand streaming services, to local news, to local data repositories. You can even access goods at prices that are reserved for local users.

Frequently Asked Questions About French Proxies

Can I use a FR proxy?

It’s perfectly legal to access the internet using a French proxy server. However, if you’re unsure if using a proxy is legal where you live, you should consult with a local attorney. There’s also a common misconception that using a proxy service makes you completely anonymous and untraceable online. In reality, law enforcement agencies can still track you down, even if you’re using a proxy service. Your IP address is only one piece of data they can use to identify you, and hiding this will not be enough to prevent you from being identified.

Can I use an IP address in France to Access Local Content?

Regardless of what you want to do online, the proxy providers on this list will provide you with straightforward and reliable access to localized French content. All of the providers on our list are well established with a solid reputation within the proxy service industry. Whether you want to access local on-demand content or scrape local sources for market intelligence, any of the proxy providers on this list will make it easy for you. Not only this, but if the IP address you are using is blocked, you can simply rotate into a new one.