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The 5 Best Canada Proxy Providers of 2020

A Canada proxy lets you use a Canadian IP address. This means you can access localized content and browse the internet as if you were located within Canada. Canadian proxies are great for web scraping projects and market research, as well as buying retail goods at local prices. Here are the top Canada proxy providers you can get today. 

smartproxy logo
Rating 9.2

Best Canada Proxy Service – Smartproxy

Smartproxy offers fast speeds, an intuitive control panel, and easy proxy setup for any project. It also offers some of the most competitive pricing that we have seen: The cheaper plans are ideal for individual and small business users. By choosing Smatproxy, you get 10 million residential IPs and 24/7 technical support.


+ Residential proxies
Easy to use
Attractive price
+ Chrome extension
Money-back guarantee


No SOCKS5 protocol
Few city options

oxylabs logo
Rating 9.0/10

Oxylabs has 30 million proxies and the most reliable Canada proxy network Canada we’ve tried. You can target specific cities and get large numbers of residential Canadian IPs. The price is above average, but you get an account manager and professional service.


+ Residential proxies
+ Many cities in Canada

+ Best proxy performance
+ Private account manager
+ Free trial


Above average price
High entry point

luminati logo
Rating 8.9/10

Luminati offers more than 35 million IP addresses and a variety of features. However, if you want to target their highest performing Canadian proxies, the price shoots up. As powerful as Luminati’s network is, it has a high barrier to entry, hence its lower ranking on this list


+ Residential proxies
+ Advanced targeting options
+ Chrome browser extension
+ 24/7 customer service
7-day free trial


High price
Confusing pricing structure
Difficult to set up

geosurf logo
Rating 8.7/10

Geosurf controls only around two million proxies. But the provider makes up for it with great location targeting options. It lets you access IP addresses in specific cities within Canada. GeoSurf’s services are rather expensive, but its Canada proxy network is extremely reliable.


+ Residential proxies
+ Reliable IPs

+ Large number of cities
+ Browser extensions
+ 24/7 customer service


Relatively few proxies
No SOCKS5 (no streaming or gaming)   

the poxy store logo
Rating 7.7/10

Shifter works a little differently compared to the other proxy providers on this list: It sells access to ports rather than the full proxy pool. This means you must whitelist the proxies for each use case and wait 2 weeks before changing anything for free. As a result, Shifter is less flexible than the other providers.


+ Residential proxies
+ Many proxies
Pricing not traffic based
+ 24/7 customer service


Slow performance
Can’t choose Canada without paying extra
Can’t access all websites

How We Chose The Best Canada Proxy Servers

We subjected each provider to extensive performance tests. We first measured their connection speeds and success rates when connecting to local targets in Canada. Our scripts also ran concurrent connection tests where we used up to 500 parallel connections to test how the networks perform under stress. This gave us a chance to test the stability of Canada proxy networks, as well as the overall quality of their proxy pools.

Every Canadian proxy provider in the list performed significantly better than the industry average. They were ranked according to scalability, ease of use and pricing.

Using a Canada Proxy Service

Once you sign up for a Canada proxy service, you’ll get access to setup documentation for individual devices and software. While the guides for each proxy provider will differ, every one of them will supply Canadian IP addresses from genuine Canada proxy servers. With the exception of Luminati, your setup shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes.

Why You Might Need Canadian Proxies

Using a Canadian proxy server to browse the internet with a Canada IP address will let you to access localized content, such as news and on-demand streaming services. Furthermore, you’ll be able to scrape data from Canadian data sources as if you were in the same country or city. You can also use a Canada proxy to register and manage local social media accounts and even order goods online for prices that are normally restricted to Canadian residents.

Why You Should NOT Use a Free Canadian IP Address

There are many free proxy providers out there today. So, why would anyone pay to access a Canada proxy server?

Free proxy networks might seem like a great deal, but they’re actually a massive security risk. If you can’t trust the operator of a proxy server, then you shouldn’t be sending all of your data through it. Free proxy services have been known to steal data from their users, including passwords and other sensitive information.

Use only premium Canada proxy services to stay safe. Every provider on this list is considered safe and trustworthy by the proxy industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canadian Proxies

Can I Use a Canada Proxy?

Obtaining a Canadian IP address through a Canada proxy server is perfectly legal in most countries. You can use proxy services without worrying about legal issues, provided that you stick with reputable providers. If you have any doubts about the legality of using a Canada proxy where you live, you should consult with a legal expert.

Can I Use IP Addresses in Canada to Access Local Content?

Every proxy provider on this list will give you access to a high quality and reliable Canada proxy service. If your Canadian IP address is blocked, you can simply rotate to a new one. For businesses that need to scrape local content and run localized market intelligence campaigns, a reliable proxy service is essential. Any of the providers on this list will fit the bill, offering fast speeds and a consistent level of service.