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10 Best Amazon Proxy Providers of 2020

Amazon, the largest e-store in the world, is a goldmine of valuable data.

Its pricing and product information can give a huge boost to any business.

But to get your hands on it, you need the right tools – Amazon proxies.

Else, your scraping software will simply be blocked…

…Or even worse – misled. 

Read on to find the best proxies for scraping Amazon. 

Top rated product

Best Amazon Proxy Service #1 – Smartproxy

Smartproxy’s residential IPs manage to go toe-to-toe with many of the premium providers while keeping the price down. Add in nearly-global location coverage, great customer support, and suddenly you’re looking at a winner.

  • Pricing starts from $75/month, 5GB included
  • 10M residential proxies
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support
  • 190 countries

Oxylabs offers proxies that are among the best in the market with quality service around them. But it’s a premium proxy provider, so the pricing and scale might not appeal to everyone. 

  • Cheapest monthly plan is $600 for 50GB of data
  • 30M+ residential IPs
  • Flexible proxy rotation settings
  • Dedicated account manager for each client

Pound for pound, Geosurf’s IPs performed the best out of all Amazon proxy providers. Above-average pricing and fewer features prevented it from overtaking the top contenders, but Geosurf came very close.

  • Pricing starts from $300/month, 20GB included
  • Dedicated support
  • 130 locations
  • 2M+ residential IPs

It might not be fair to place the dominant proxy provider so low, but the competition is that strong. Still, Luminati’s proxies are good performers, and the company’s arsenal of features has no equals.

  • Pricing starts from $500/month, 40GB included
  • Over 35M Residential IPs
  • Mobile 3G/4G proxies
  • 7-day free trial
Storm Proxies
Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies offers the fastest speeds and unlimited bandwidth. It can also sell you cheap Amazon proxies. But the provider lacks the features and location coverage to compete for more complex scraping tasks.

  • Pricing starts from $50/month, 5 ports included
  • Over 45K Residential IPs
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24-hour money-back guarantee

Unlike other providers, NetNut dons residential IPs taken directly from ISPs. This should make its proxies faster and more reliable. While we didn’t find that to be the case in our tests, the proxies nevertheless performed well.

  • Pricing starts from $300/month, 20GB included
  • Sticky IP with flexible rotation options
  • No third party servers used
  • 7-day free trial
The Proxy Store

Over 1M residential IPs, many features, and amazing customer support serve as a powerful draw. It’s too bad the proxies were slow and faced many Amazon blocks. But if you only have a quick scraping job to do, the provider’s flexible pricing plans might come to your advantage.

  • Pricing starts from $600/month for 1.5K US proxies
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 26 proxy packages
The Proxy Store
The Proxy Store

A huge network of residential IPs with no bandwidth limits sounds like a great deal. But in our tests, The Proxy Store proved to be more sizzle than steak. A pity.

  • Pricing starts from $97/month, 50 proxies included
  • 30M residential proxies
  • 24-hour money-back guarantee
  • 100 locations

What Is an Amazon Proxy?

An Amazon proxy is an IP address that stands between you and Amazon, giving you indirect access to the online giant. By using Amazon proxies, you can avoid the artificial limitations imposed on the website’s visitors. This lets you quickly collect large amounts of data or access geo-restricted content.

Why You Need an Amazon Proxy Server

With $232 billion in sales in 2018, Amazon is the largest e-retailer in the world. Its pricing and product information is very valuable for every business. You can use it to conduct market analysis, increase sales or gain a competitive edge over other retailers.

But Amazon is very vigilant about protecting its data, and you can only do so much with one IP address. If you start abusing the website, you’ll quickly get blocked. Even worse: Amazon’s built-in protection system will sometimes feed you wrong information, such as incorrect pricing data.

That’s why you need proxies to trick Amazon into believing it’s being accessed by different – and ideally real-looking – people.

How to Choose the Right Type of Amazon Proxy?

You’ll find two main proxy types: residential proxies and datacenter proxies.

Your first instinct might be to choose dedicated datacenter proxies. They are both faster and cheaper. But that might not be such a good idea.

The thing is, datacenter proxies originate in, well, data center servers. They might not have any prior usage history, drawing suspicion. Even if they do, it’s easy to distinguish them from IP addresses issued by ISPs. Because datacenter proxies are often created specifically for automated tasks, Amazon will quickly catch wind of them and take action.

Another big drawback of datacenter IPs is that they form clusters known as sub-networks (subnets). A subnet can contain hundreds of IPs. It’s enough to spot just one and the whole subnet will become useless.

For these reasons, you should choose residential proxies for Amazon scraping. They are IPs used by real internet users, assigned to actual home addresses. That’s why residential proxies look like any other internet user from Amazon’s perspective and are much harder to block.

Moreover, you can configure residential proxy IPs to rotate after each connection request or every few minutes. This lets you scale up your operation without risking IP bans. Some providers offer backconnect residential proxies. They give you one IP address and automatically rotate the IPs for you.

Can You Use Proxies to Access Local Content on Amazon?

Yes, you can.

Just make sure your Amazon proxy provider offers good location coverage. It should include not only USA and the United Kingdom but countries all over the world such as Australia, India, and Japan. You should also be able to target those specific locations and not simply have them in a general proxy pack.

Location targeting is important not only for web scraping. It’s crucial if you want a proxy for Amazon Prime video for watching geo-restricted content on your device. Just make sure you’re not using HTTP proxies for Amazon Prime because you will get the “HTTP proxy not supported” error.

City targeting is not necessary for scraping Amazon: local Amazon websites operate country-wide.

What Software Can You Use for Scraping Amazon?

There are at least a dozen programs for automated Amazon scraping.

Some of the most popular ones are Chrome browser extensions like Web Scraper, Data Scraper, and Scraper.

Other applications that allow scraping Amazon are Scrapy, ParseHub, OutWitHub, FMiner, Octoparse, and Web Harvey.

Choose your scraper depending on your needs. Some businesses build their own scraping solutions, but that requires the know-how and resources not everyone has. No matter the app, you can only use it to its full potential in tandem with proxies.

If you don’t want to bother with writing scraping scripts or setting up specialized software, several premium proxy providers can do the heavy lifting for you. For example, Oxylabs has Real-Time Crawler for heavy-duty data retrieval, and Luminati offers data collection services.

How We Determined the Best Amazon Proxy Provider

We started compiling our list of best Amazon proxy providers based on two main criteria:

  • The provider must be established in the market.
  • It must sell residential proxy IP addresses.

This let us whittle down the large list of proxy services to nine major providers.

We then put them to extensive testing by repeatedly connecting to Amazon using 300 connection requests at once. We examined the proxy success rate and response time.

We considered the performance results alongside the provider’s features, pricing, and general user experience to make the final decision.

Choosing the Right Proxy Provider Should Be Easy Now

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing Amazon proxies. Features and price are just a few. After reading this article, you should have no problems deciding which proxy provider is right for your needs.

If you still have doubts, write us a message at [email protected], and we’ll help you make the right choice.